Go Girl

The immensely popular “Gone Girl” book adaptation directed by famously edgy David Fincher and the best-selling book with the same title and adapted to the big screen by the author, Gillian Flynn has been reviewed a number of times but mine will be different.

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From what one already gathered, both did not disappoint and both has been constantly one of the best of 2014. If one hasn’t seen or read “Gone Girl”, then one should, if one likes to think or have their minds messed up. And as always with book to movie adaptations, the magic word is “compress” because the plot lines and character development and such, should fit in at least couple of hours screen time. It helped a great deal that the author of the book also helmed the screenplay of the movie because no one else can better understand the inner workings of the mind than the creator of the work.

To be honest, while reading the book, I felt a strange mixture of worry and amusement. Worry because I can relate to the lead character, Amy Elliott Dunne, played surprisingly well by British actress Rosamund Pike, not wholly though only some aspects of her personality. For one, we are both voracious readers with no jobs, we also are products of perfect marriages (if there is such a thing), we also studied Psychology in college, and we  won’t complain in the looks department either. Before I came across this book, I secretly refer to myself as a :psycho bitch”  when I knew I unintentionally pissed people off. In the words of the great Taylor Swift, ” a nightmare dressed in a daydream”. So guys, a word of warning, this kind of women may be too much (or too hot) to handle. Apparently, if girls like to read a lot, has a sense of entitlement, then they should come with a warning label,

The similarities just end there, (un)fortunately enough. The book also describes Amy as smart and brilliant ( I don’t think I am),  the movie version made her seem apathetic and asexual. I’m not like that at all. Amy’s husband, Nick Dunne, played by Ben Affleck, is undergoing marital and financial difficulties, refuses to confront his problems head-on, cracks under pressure, wife is pissed, so she faked her death or disappearance. The story is simple but everything is also told in the He said/She said point of views mode and the movie was also intricately handled, so the finish product is worthy of its praises.

In today’s world of digital and automatic everything, rising feminism and gender equality, this work is so timely. While most people are terrified of Amy Dunne’s character, some also admired her guts and grit. She might instill some fear to chauvinist pigs and rightly so, it’s not really a man’s world, women are part of this planet too.  Along with the rise of bad-ass female characters in pop culture, Amy is really amazing.  She may be crazy or a sociopath but all she really wants is for her husband to treat her right, Is that too much to ask?  And that is why you go, girl.


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5 thoughts on “Go Girl”

  1. Hey !
    Well, while I enjoyed the movie very much (i’m an absolute David Fincher fan) I haven’t read the book.


    My opinion diverges from yours too. Amy has the right to be loved by her husband and ask for that love. She doesn’t, on the other hand, have the right to be such a psychotic manipulative bitch. Who conserves semen from a laboratory test to inseminate oneself and trap the hubby? Who uses a long lasting guy stuck in the friendzone to serve her purpose and then take a rather brutal disposal of him? Who fakes her death and charges her companion out of revenge because verbalising problems was apparantly not easier?A gigantic bitch. Which she is. She wanted love, it was maybe easier to ask instead of psychologically abuse a -reather weak and un-ambitious- husband to make a point.
    Yes, she’s brilliant. But not in a right way. In a frightening, physchotic and terrible way.
    Still brilliant, though.


    1. Hi, Joanne S. again. Regarding Gone Girl, yes the book is always much better, and this being already a great book and then finding out that the movie version is equally well made. Yes, those are my thoughts on Amy D. because I have a certain appreciation for women who refuse to be a doormat and will not tolerate BS in their lives. She may be crazy described as ” a bitch in the 1st degree” in the movie, I still root (although a bit frightened) of her. Maybe you’ll get a better perspective and understand her behavior more if you have the time to read the book. Seems like you’re still a student with lots of stuff on your plate.

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      1. I always find time to read, as it is the best way to open up your mind and to travel, think and learn. I will check out the book. I understand the feeling though, as you cannot feel a pinch of admiration for her mastermind plan. I will maybe revise my judgement when I’ll read the book 🙂

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